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“ We do not consider ourselves as just one link in the Bordeaux wine market, but as an extension of the winegrowing estates, a true partner and builder of markets. We also seek to be the best connection, a linkage between our customers and the estate owners in Bordeaux or elsewhere in the world on the greatest terroirs in France, California, Chile, Italy, etc. ”

This positioning enables us to adopt the flexibility, inherent in the ever-changing market. Grands Crus Classés account for 85% of the wines that we sell.
We therefore receive some of the largest allocations of Bordeaux “ En Primeur ” wines, making us a key player both on the French and on the export market. We have also decided to develop long-term investment by buying old vintages, storing them and financing them for a number of years.
Over and above these premium wines, 15% of our stock are Bordeaux Petits Chateaux for which we offer exclusivity to our customers


Ballande & Méneret has built its policy around bespoke client service, thanks to the team of 40 people of many different nationalities. Half of them are dedicated to sales operations, with salespeople covering almost 70 countries in the course of the year. This hands-on corporate culture keeps us in touch at all times with the expectations of our clients’ markets.

In 2008, the Ballande Group reinvested to strengthen the sales teams in order to ensure a powerful position on export markets, especially in Asia. Today, half the firm's staff is dedicated to operational sales activities. Consequently, we control our distribution networks and precisely follow the market evolution.